Personal Notices

 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

25 June 2017

Sick and in need

We remember Sr Jacquelin Bender MSC, Betty Dolzan, Daniel Joseph, Ronnie Kozak, Brian Brister, Ossie Berthelot, Brian Anderson, Lucy Cust, Ann Kuhn, Barry Townsin, Joe Markham, Skye Cotu,  Maria Mascia, Sheila Kinden,   Nazha Shamieh, Dan & Brenda McMahon  who are in need of prayer at this time. We remember all who provide care and support for those in need.
Recent Deaths

We remember Raymond Nathen who died recently. May he rest in Peace


We also remember Marcus Fitt, Michele Galluccio, Frank and  Addie Callinan, and Len, Mary, Silvia and Gemma Omizzolo  whose anniversaries occur around this time. May they rest in peace