Personal Notices

2nd Sunday of Advent

9-10 December 2017

We welcome Charlotte Manfre who is baptised at Mary Immaculate Church this weekend. We welcome family, and friends who have come to share their         celebration of initiation into the Community of Faith - the Body of Christ.
Sick and in need
We remember Esther Geiran, Julia Chiera, Peter Hainsworth, Claire O’Neill, Lucy Cust, Ronnie Kozak, Joe Markham,   Nazha Shamieh, Dan & Brenda McMahon who are in need of prayer at this time. We remember all who provide care and support for those in need.
Recent Deaths

We remember Sister Genevieve Fitzpatrick who died recently. May she rest in Peace


We remember Charles Walsh, Medardo Marinacci and Giuseppina Nibali whose anniversaries occur around this time. May they Rest In Peace