Prayers Of The Faithful
Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A
22 January 2017

Priest:       The Lord is our light and our help. Let us turn to God who listens to our prayer


Reader:    That the words of Isaiah, repeated by St. Matthew in today’s Gospel, will be a source of hope and inspiration as together we work to disperse the darkness with the light of Christ.

                  PAUSE                    Lord hear us: Lord hear our prayer


Reader:    During this week when we observe ‘Australia Day’ and others ‘Invasion Day’ may all who call this island continent home be made to feel welcome and included - from our indigenous aboriginal peoples - to the waves of people who have come over the years - to those who still come seeking a safe refuge and a new home.

                  PAUSE                    Lord hear us: Lord hear our prayer 


Reader:    For the incoming administration of the United States: may all in positions of power govern for all people but especially those who are poor, dispossessed and without a voice. 

                  PAUSE                    Lord hear us: Lord hear our prayer


Reader:    For those looking towards further education. We rejoice with students who have been offered the tertiary courses they had hoped for and pray that those who are disappointed will be helped to seek and to find other opportunities.

                  PAUSE                    Lord hear us: Lord hear our prayer


Reader:    For Svetka Vukic, Barry Townsin, Fr Burns Huggan, Joe Markham, Wendy Gower, Antonio Saggese, Ann Kuhn, Lucy Cust, Skye Cotu, Leo Milesi, Maria Mascia, Sheila Kinden, Nazha Shamieh, Dan and Brenda McMahon and all who are in need at this time - and for all who care for them.                                                                                              PAUSE                    Lord hear us: Lord hear our prayer


Reader:    For the eternal rest and peace of Irma Sansone and Fr Joe McMahon, and all who have died recently, for Bruno Sartori and all whose anniversaries occur at this time, and all departed family and friends.                

PAUSE                    Lord hear us: Lord hear our prayer


Priest:       May these prayers unite us as we respond to Christ’s call to discipleship. We ask this through Jesus, your Son and our brother. Amen

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time:

"In our journey of faith it is sometimes necessary to grow in our understanding of God’s ways. The God we were familiar with no longer satisfies.

The Church we once found comfort in no longer exists as we remember it. If you have ever experienced this then you can understand Matthew’s community who are being asked to leave behind their Synagogue rituals and Jewish faith in order to follow Jesus.

This type of change, especially in matters religious, is not easy. Some of you may remember the many changes that happened after Vatican II. Changes which were not popular with everyone. Matthew needs to encourage his community that God is faithful, even amidst the changes."

- Mary L. Coloe pbvm, BA., BTheol (hons), D.Theol. YTU

Image: "Change"