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Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Parish Child Safe Information HERE
NEW:  a very short personal message from Fr Bill  (17.09.2021)

Parish update 17.09.21


COVID update

Victoria has at last reached 70% of those eligible having received their 1st dose of Covid 19 vaccine. Well done – but we still have a long way to go to reach 80% having received the 2nd dose.


The Premier has announced minor changes to our lockdown regulations relating to the reasons why we may leave home. While the hardcopy version of the parish newsletter was printed before the announcement was made I have updated the changes in the online version and at the bottom of this page.


We all await the Premier’s announcements on Sunday, which we are told will outline our roadmap out of lockdown. We should not expect dramatic changes. Any changes to Covid regulations that affect Public Masses and Parish activities will be posted on our website as soon as changes are confirmed.



Catch up on a significant event on the site of our new Parish Centre at Mary Immaculate – onsite burial.


This Sunday marks Social Services Sunday within the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne. You can read about the work of Catholic Social Services.


Vaccine passports for Mass? Check out this Sunday’s Homily.



During lockdown, you can access our Online Mass from our Parish Website. It will be available from 12 noon on Saturday. Click this link Our Parish Online Mass


Please make sure that during the lockdown, you access our parish newsletter on our parish website or you can pick up a hard copy from the containers at the front doors of MOG Church and Presbytery, St. Bernadette’s Church or Mary Immaculate School.


Our Prayer at Home liturgy is printed in the Newsletter and on our website you can access our weekly Children’s Liturgy. In addition to our own online Parish Mass (see above) you can access the Cathedral’s online Mass service: HERE  and on Sundays at 11:00am you can watch it on Channel 44 (previously known as C31).


Our Angelus & Coffee Group meets via Zoom on Tuesday mornings at 9.15am. Share some time on screen with other parishioners to pray together, catch up, share a story, stay in touch. To join the Zoom session click on Angelus & Coffee or go to the link on our website home page or email or text Fr. Bill so that you can receive the weekly link to the zoom session. or 0427 879 733. Bring a coffee or your breakfast to the meeting.


The following Parish activities remain affected by the lockdown:

  1. All Parish Masses are cancelled
  2. Confessions (10am & 5.30pm Sat) cancelled
  3. All home communions are cancelled
  4. Meditation Group next Tuesday will be via Zoom
  5. Liturgy Group next Thursday is cancelled
  6. The Parish office remains closed throughout this lockdown period


In summary the following restrictions and regulations apply throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area until otherwise notified.

Religious Gatherings, Masses & Ceremonies:  Not permitted

Churches and Parish Office: Remain closed. Please use email or phone to contact Fr. Bill or 0427 879 733

Funerals:  Permitted with no more than 10 people

Face Masks: Must be worn inside and outdoors: everywhere except your own home.

Travel: You cannot travel more than 10 kms from your home

6 Reasons to leave home:

- shopping for necessary goods and services (you do not need to stockpile toilet paper)

- caregiving or compassionate reasons

- authorised work & study

- exercise

- receive a vaccination or Covid test

- outdoor social gatherings (5 people if double vaxed - only 2 people if not)


Gatherings: Other private and public gatherings are not permitted


Please use our website for other news and links 


Please keep in your prayers all those individuals and businesses severely affected by this ongoing lockdown, those suffering from isolation and those suffering financially.


With my prayers and best wishes.


Fr. Bill Edebohls

Parish Priest
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This Week's Children's Liturgy (25th Sunday in Ordinary Time)  HERE

News:  ( Strange Sighting in Ivanhoe;   Advisors and Chairpersons named for Plenary Council;  Pope Francis: I have never denied communion to anyone, The world's smallest army - just 140 soldiers - considers the 'unthinkable';  In Slovakia Pope calls for freedom both in Civil Society and Church   + more HERE

Parish Calendar 2021 HERE

Parish Redevelopment project document (15/04/21)    HERE


Welcome to Mary Mother of the Church  Parish Ivanhoe

Our Parish Churches

Mother of God Church & Parish Office

56 Wilfred Rd. Ivanhoe 3079

St. Bernadette's Church

89 Bond St., Ivanhoe 3079

Mary Immaculate Church

4 Waverley Ave., Ivanhoe 3079

NOTE: During the redevelopment of our new Parish Centre on the Mary Immaculate site Mary Immaculate Church is temporarily closed and our Parish Office is operating out of Mother of God Church. 

Mass Times

Normal times are printed below but please check current Covid regulations in the Covid Update at the top of this page:

Saturday         6.00pm         St. Bernadette’s
Sunday           9.00am         Mother of God
Sunday           10.30am       Mother of God
Tuesday          9.15am        Mother of God
Wednesday     9.15am        St. Bernadette’s
Thursday         9.15am       Mother of God
Friday             9.15am        St. Bernadette’s

Reconciliation (Confessions)

Every Saturday
  • 10.30am at Mother of God
  • 5.30pm at St. Bernadette’s

Parish Primary Schools

Mary Immaculate   03 9497 1827

St Bernadette's       03 9499 3914

Safeguarding our Children

We are a Child Safe Parish committed to the safety, wellbeing & dignity of all children. For details of our Safeguarding Policy see  HERE

As a Catholic Community we respect the Wurrundjeri people, traditional custodians of the land upon which our parish resides, and commit ourselves to reconciliation and justice

Parish streamed Mass@home  HERE

Parish Contacts
Parish Priest:   Fr. Bill Edebohls
Parish Secretary: on leave
Office Hours:                 
Tuesdays 9:00am - 2:00pm

Office Location:  
56 Wilfred Rd Ivanhoe East 3079
Postal Address:    
PO Box 319     Ivanhoe 3079
Phone:            03 9926 2310



Parish Newsletters   HERE

Mass Details              HERE

Parish Events

& Calendar                  HERE


Baptism, Sacramental Program for Children & other Sacraments                  HERE

Supporting your Parish

Contact the Parish Office for details of giving via envelopes, credit card or direct debit OR donate online by clicking image

Envelopes & Parish Giving

A reminder that your weekly offering envelopes may be placed in the locked letterboxes at either MOG Church or the MOG Presbytery - or just save them up until we are allowed to return to Mass.            Those wishing to contribute to the Parish and Presbytery Collections via credit card can do so above.

News from
our Archdiocese

Wider News:        HERE

  • Strange Sighting in Ivanhoe;
  • Advisers and chairpersons named for Plenary Council.
  • Pope Francis: ‘I have never denied Communion to anyone.’
  • The world’s smallest army - just 140 soldiers - considers the ‘unthinkable’.
  • In Slovakia, Pope Francis calls for freedom in both civil society and Church.
  • The Plenary Council: Consulting the faithful.
  • Synods & Synodality take center stage.
  • Vatican releases Synod Preparatory Document.

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