Merle Gilbo's 80th Merle Gilbo's 80th Flowers - as an appropriate symbol of wonderful achievement and new life 120445118 From b.y.o. food into a shared feast for all 120445119 Great company, conversation, background entertainment and shared time together 120445120 120445121 120445122 120445123 120445124 120445125 120445126 120445127 Not everyone could be there - live! 120445131 Another clip from the specially produced video "Sorry I can't be there" 120445132 120445133 Another extract from the video - mostly saying nice things about Merle, but also extolling the virtues of "retirement" 120445347 120445334 Another "retiree" - who fortunately as it turned out was also able to attend directly 120445335 Another clip from the video, expressing Fr John's congratulations and best wishes to Merle for her extraordinary contribution. 120445346 Pre-recording has some advantages! 120445336 Also via video Pamela (School Captain) thanked Merle and wished her a happy birthday on behalf if the students, staff and community of St Bernadette's school 120445344 On behalf of the Yarra Deanery Charles Balnaves warmly added to other comments and spoke of Merle's outstanding and reliable contribution to Deanery affairs and its Newsletter. 120445345 Live from our Hall in Waverley Avenue Pat Kelly congratulated and thanked Merle. 120445130 Merle warmly responds (in her own humble way) 120445337 120445338 120445339 120445128 120445340 120445341 120445129 120445342 Presentation of the DVD "Sorry I can't be there" to Merle by John Costa 120445343