Cantor at MOG Cantor at MOG Scene 47 Take 1 - Lights, Camera, MOG A film production company is currently in production of a new new Australian Film featuring Guy Pearce, Joel Edgerton and Ben Mendelsohn, titled Animal Kingdom. MOG church provided an ideal backdrop for one of the sequences. CLICK on the photos to enlarge them and read captions. 29670454 The film is an exploration of the Melbourne underworld, of the building of tensions between dangerous criminals and police, and how a young member of a cunning and brutal criminal family must come to terms with his place in the world. 29670455 Filming the Cantor scene 29670456 Another touch of reality 29670457 Front door greeting 29670458 We can't go on meeting like this! 29670459 The Cantor. This production in MOG Church has been of benefit both to the production company and Parish finances. (photos by Joe Chiera) 29671546