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Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Installation Mass of Fr Thang

On this wet Saturday night the formal installation of Fr Thang as Ivanhoe Parish Priest was joyously celebrated in a special Mass, at St Bernadette's Church. Principal Celebrant and Homilist was Archbishop Denis Hart. The MC was Vocation Director Fr Binh Le. As part of this liturgy the Mass was enriched with additional symbolism incorporating Reading the Letter of Appointment (Fr Gregory Bourke), Presentation of the Keys to the Church, Presentation to Fr Thang By Archbishop Hart of the Pastoral Leadership Team and Staff, Renewal of Ordination Promises, the new Parish Priest opening and kneeling at the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament (Tabernacle), the new Parish Priest incensing the Baptistery (Baptismal Font), Archbishop Hart seating the new Parish Priest in the Reconciliation Room (Confessional), a visit to and Prayer at the Marian Shrine, the new parish priest incensing the Holy Oils. Towards the end of the Mass PLT Chairperson Chris Dixon spoke of the way Fr Thang had been so readily welcomed and accepted into the Parish. Introducing a presentation to Thang as a mix of spiritual and technology components he presented the former on behalf of the people of Ivanhoe Parish then introduced St Bernadette's Principal Kathy Lowe to make a presentation of the latter on behalf of the three Parish schools. The Korean Community also then presented a gift to Fr Thang. In congratulating Fr Thang Archbishop Hart spoke of his uncertainty at first that a recently ordained Fr Thang would be willing to accept the challenge of Ivanhoe Parish, but like the people of the Parish was later delighted when he did. Archbishop Hart also acknowledged the (much loved) former Parish Priest, Fr John Cunningham as one of the co-celebrants tonight. A modest but beaming Fr Thang thanked the Archbishop, Priests in attendance & Servers, all others who came including relatives, the Parish Choir led by soloist John Caddy, Organist Helen Wentworth, young Korean violin soloist Paul Moon, Pastoral Leadership Team and Staff, Liturgy Group and many others across the parish who greatly helped. He acknowledged predecessors Frs John Cunningham & Len Thomas. Tonight was also significantly the first such Mass in Ivanhoe Parish, first official use of the new Missal, and start of Advent and the New Church year.
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