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Dr Mary Coloe and Michael Doyle. Using the Bible to inform moral decision making. Uploaded 20 March 2015

Produced by Sr Carmel Butler, this educational video on use of the Bible has been published. Whilst prepared to support School Boards in their decision making informed by the Catholic Tradition it applies equally to all forms of decision making where moral values are involved. This also includes Parish Councils, Pastoral Leadership Teams, Deaneries, Business people and individuals, In this 6 minute video (Part 1)  Scripture Scholar Dr Mary Coloe with Michael Doyle helpfully explore use of Scripture to guide moral decision making. Thanks to Sr Carmel for allowing use of this video.



Salesian priest, Fr. Frank Moloney, one of the world's leading biblical scholars reflects on the momentous changes brought about by Vatican Council II on the way Catholics interpret the Bible, and its place in the life of the Church.

Published on Apr 17, 2012
In this fiftieth anniversary year of the start of the Second Vatican Council, an Interview with Australian Salesian priest, Rev. Professor Frank Moloney.


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