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Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Calendar, Special Notices, & Forthcoming Events


Saturday 12 June (Immaculate Heart of Mary)    

10.30am    Reconciliation at Mother of God

5.30pm      Reconciliation at St. Bernadette’s

6.00pm      Mass at St. Bernadette’s

Sunday 13 June (11th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

9.00am       Mass at Mother of God

10.30am Mass at Mother of God

Monday 14 May  (Feria)   

Tuesday 15 May (Feria)   

9.15am Mass at Mother of God

4.15pm Meditation Group at Mother of God

Wednesday 16 May (Feria)   

9.15am Mass at St. Bernadette’s

Thursday 17 May (Feria)   

9.15am Mass at Mother of God

9.45am Liturgy Group

11.00am Climate Change Action Group

1.45pm Mass at BlueCross

(This will have to be confirmed)

Friday 18 May (Feria)               

9.15am   Mass at St Bernadette’s

Saturday 19 May (Feria)    

10.30am Reconciliation at Mother of God

5.30pm Reconciliation at St. Bernadette’s

6.00pm  Mass at St. Bernadette’s

At the 6.00pm Mass we were planning to have the enrolment of the children from Mary Immaculate School preparing for 1st Communion - this cannot be confirmed until the Government’s expected announcement next Thursday)

Sunday 20 May (12th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

9.00am Mass at Mother of God

10.30am Mass at Mother of God

12 Noon Baptism at Mother of God




Monday 21 - Thursday 24 June 

Annual Clergy Conference. Whether it goes ahead cannot yet be confirmed. Again dependant on changing Government regulations. If the Conference does take place Masses will be replaced by Communion Services on the days of the Conference.



Parish Climate Action Group

Professor Tim Flannery was Australian of the Year in 2007.  He is one of Australia’s foremost experts on climate and environmental issues.  I saw him on a recent online session and he was asked ‘what do you think is the best action for a householder to take that will get us to zero  (carbon) emissions as soon as possible’.


He said the best thing we can do is to  get involved politically.  He said we can do things in our households to reduce carbon emissions, eg, convert from gas to clean electricity, install solar panels, etc, but we need to speak up as well. We can only reduce carbon in the atmosphere enough by making regulatory changes at a governmental level. To prevent environmental catastrophe and an uninhabitable planet, we need to be getting large volumes of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere now (he calls this drawdown), but  emissions are actually increasing. Australia is still even developing new coal and gas projects which will massively increase emissions. Flannery said if a person wants to understand the ecological crisis better they should watch David Attenborough’s “A Life on Our Planet” – available on Netflix.


Pope Francis launched Laudato Si in 2015 and finished off his powerful speech saying:


“People and their movements are called to cry out, to mobilize and to demand - peacefully but firmly - that appropriate and urgently needed actions be taken. I ask you, in the name of God, to defend Mother Earth”. 


Two tips for this week.  Can you watch “A Life on our Planet”, maybe again, and  can you become more confident about speaking up, crying out -  to defend Mother Earth? 


Convocation of Catholics 

Sr. Joan Chittister OSB

A video Recording of this outstanding event is being made available by Garratt Publishing to those who registered for the event.  Please note that this video is available until June 30, 2021 subject to copyright and all rights are reserved.  Any transcription of, copying of, or embedding of this video in personal blogs or websites is strictly prohibited unless approval is granted by Sr Joan Chittister via ACCCR Further Details from     Video:
SAVE THE DATES. This was the first in a series of ACCCR Convocations exploring The Future of Catholicism in Australia .  Next events on: Thursday August 26, 2021: 7.30 pm;   Thursday November 4, 2021: 7.30 pm, AEDT