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Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Calendar, Special Notices, & Forthcoming Events


mass@Home  -  Parish Online Mass

Each weekend during lockdown there will be a Parish Online Mass recorded from Mother of God Church. HERE


Saturday 18 September (Feria)

Mass online only - see link on Parish Website

Sunday 19 September (25th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Mass online only - HERE

Monday 20 September (Ss. Andrew Kim, Paul Chong Hasang & Companions)   

Tuesday 21 September (St. Matthew, Apostle)     

No Mass

9.15am Angelus & Coffee via Zoom (see below)

4.15pm Meditation Group meets via Zoom.           Info: Phone Kathy on 0438 530 324

Wednesday 22 September (Feria)   

No Mass

Thursday 23 September (St. Pio of Pietrelcina)               

No Mass

No Liturgy Group

Friday 24 September (Feria)               

No Mass

Saturday 25 September (Feria)

Mass online only  HERE

Sunday 26 September (26th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Mass online only - HERE





Angelus & Coffee - Keep in Touch via Zoom

Because of the extended lockdown we are reintroducing our Angelus & Coffee Group on Tuesday mornings at 9.15am via Zoom. If you have an internet connection, PC, mobile phone or Tablet you can join the group. Share some time on screen with other parishioners to pray together, catch up, share a story, stay in touch. To join the Zoom session click on Angelus & Coffee or go to link on our website home page or email or text Fr. Bill so that you can receive the weekly link to the zoom session. or 0427 879 733. 

Bring a coffee or your breakfast to the meeting.


Parish Climate action Group

Archbishop Desmond Tutu said: “do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

We know where we are - in lockdown - so what can we do to “overwhelm the world”? Let’s rejoice in spring – there is a cornucopia of sensual delights to overwhelm us, reminding us of how much we want to protect the planet for our children.

Look at the blossoms, the flowers. Smell them and dream of the apricots and plums to come. Listen to the birds at dawn, excitedly attracting each other and building nests. An unprincipled magpie sits in my hanging basket pulling out coconut fibre for her nest. She wakes me at dawn with her carolling

What a privilege to watch through my bedroom window, this not-so-furtive theft. To save carbon miles, we are told to buy local – finally it’s time to splurge on strawberries that are inexpensive (boxed in cardboard at Aldi) and on asparagus once more in season. Within 5k are lots of local parks, the Yarra or the Darebin creek winding through many of them and the sun on trees and water is ever-twinkling bringing sheer delight. Feel the sun on your back as you watch fellow citizens on foot, bike or scooter.

I love the little children whose tiny legs propel those scooters with unbelievable dexterity. If I build up my love of the world, I gather motivation to save it for these children by doing my little bit of good even within my 5k and I hope that together we can do our bit to overwhelm the forces of climate change in our world.