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Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

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Calendar, Special Notices, & Forthcoming Events


Saturday 16 July  (Feria)

9.15am       Mass at Mother of God

9.45am       Reconciliation at Mother of God

5.30pm      Reconciliation at St. Bernadette’s

6.00pm      Mass at St Bernadette’s


Sunday 17 July (16th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

9.00am       Mass at Mother of God

10.30am    Mass at Mother of God

12 noon Baptisms at Mother of God

1.30pm Special Meeting of Parish Leadership Group and representatives of parish ministries and groups


Monday 18 July  (Feria)


Tuesday 19 July (Feria)

9.15am Mass at Mother of God

4.15pm Meditation Group at Mother of God


Wednesday 20 July  (Feria)

9.15am Mass at St Bernadette’s

1.30pm Funeral Mass for Barbara Lonergan at MOG

7.30pm Parish Pastoral Council at MOG


Thursday 21 July  (Feria)

9.15am Mass at Mother of God

9.45am Gospel & Coffee Discussion Group at MOG

1.45pm Mass at BlueCross

2.00pm Climate Change Group at MOG


Friday 22 July  (St Mary Magdalene)

9.15am Mass at St Bernadette’s


Saturday 23 July  (Feria)

9.15am Mass at Mother of God

9.45am Reconciliation at Mother of God

5.30pm Reconciliation at St. Bernadette’s

6.00pm Mass at St Bernadette’s


Sunday 24 July (17th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

9.00am Mass at Mother of God

10.30am Mass at Mother of God





Wednesday 27 July

8.00pm Parish Finance Committee at MOG



Parish Climate Action Group

Cultural Change starts with us: “Pollution, waste and the throwaway culture” is a heading in Chapter 1 of Laudato Si’. The final chapter says, “A great cultural, spiritual and educational challenge stands before us, and it will demand that we set out on the long path of renewal.” Perhaps cultural change is the hardest of all change – it requires a change in our thinking, in the assumptions that underpin our smallest actions.

As a nation we have to meet the challenges of reducing our carbon footprint, but this month Banyule Council has challenged us individually - it’s time to examine our bins. How are you going with our new rubbish regime? Have you already mistakenly put your red bin out two weeks in a row? Are you annoyed that you have to store some rather smelly items like nappies, for an extra week? Like me, you will have to deal with that one – it’s our rubbish! Do you throw away too much?”

That last question is the key to a culture change we all must make as I know few could truthfully answer, “No”. We cannot keep piling up rubbish, especially plastic. We know the oceans are full of plastics but recently The Guardian announced that microplastics, which can harm human cells, have been found in human blood for the first time. How devastating! Our challenge for this week is to reduce our own rubbish, particularly plastics, thus beginning an assault on our throwaway culture of pollution and waste. Could you halve what is in that red bin over the next month?



Gospel & Coffee Discussion Group

Our Gospel and Coffee Discussion Group meets each Thursday after the 9.15am Mass

and concludes at 10.30am.

All Welcome! 


Meditation Group
Held in the foyer of Mother of God Church at 4.15pm every Tuesday. Newcomers most welcome.
Normal Covid protocols apply, so bring a mask. Any questions phone Kathy on 0438 530 324.

Volunteer Opportunity Assisting Refugee Students

MERCY CONNECT MELBOURNE is currently recruiting volunteers to academically support Refugee and Asylum Seekers in Primary and Secondary schools across the Melbourne Archdiocese and also adult centres. Experience working in an educational setting is preferred but not limited to. Please contact Sr. Mary Lewis RSM for an application form and further information. The training day is in July.

Email:   (preferred for contact)

Website:    Tel: 9326 1895