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Please note that until further notice all Masses are cancelled & the Parish Office is closed

Saturday 26 September (Feria) 

Gospel:        Luke 9:43-35

Prayer Intention:  For those suffering physically, mentally, spiritually or financially from the current viral pandemic

Sunday 27 September (Ordinary Sunday 26)

Gospel:   Matthew 18:21-35

Prayer Intention: For our Parish Family: that we may nurture hope and compassion and care for each other

Monday 28 September (Feria) 

Gospel:   Luke 9:46-50

Prayer Intention: For our Prime Minister and  Premier and all political and civic leaders

Tuesday 29 September (Ss. Michael, Gabriel                      & Raphael, archangels) 

Gospel:   John 1:47-51

Prayer Intention: For doctors, nurses and all working in health and aged care - For those, who like the archangels defend and protect us, bring us the message of God and bring us the healing gifts of God

9.15am  Angelus & Coffee group meets via Zoom

4.15pm  Meditation Group meets via Zoom 

Wednesday 30 September (St. Jerome) 

Gospel:   Luke 9:57-62

Prayer Intention: For medical scientists seeking a vaccine and effective treatments for Covid-19 - For Biblical scholars and those who translate our scriptures

Thursday 1 October (St. Therese of Lisieux) 

Gospel:   Luke 10:1-12

Prayer Intention: For those facing financial ruin or extreme hardship, for the vulnerable and fearful 

Friday 2 October (The Holy Guardian Angels) 

Gospel:   Matthew 18:1-5,10

Prayer Intention: For those grieving the death of loved ones and for those who have died

Saturday 3 October (Feria) 

Gospel:   Luke 10:17-24

Prayer Intention:  For those suffering physically, mentally, spiritually or financially from the current viral pandemic

Sunday 4 October (Ordinary Sunday 27)

Gospel:   Matthew 21:33-43

Prayer Intention: For our Parish Family: that we may nurture hope and compassion and care for each other


Climate Action Group

- Our Decisions Their Destiny

Climate news can be very bleak: we hear that koalas are endangered after the bushfires and a huge mass of approximately 110 square kilometres broke off the Arctic ice shelf, in mid September. The very young are blissfully unaware as crucial decisions are made for their future; older children are afraid but they have little power to make decisions themselves.        Adults too, often feel powerless in the face of government decisions and the priorities of big corporations to preserve their market share, their privileged way of life - our privileged way of life. We do have the power to follow the 5 Rs: refuse what you don’t need; reduce what you do need; re-use what you can; re-cycle as much as possible; and rot or compost the rest.

Perhaps Refuse what you don’t need is the most powerful as it pushes back against the appeals to our greed and sense of entitlement.

However, we also need to make our voices heard and our votes count. Can you do one thing this week to improve your knowledge then take one action on the bigger stage – it might be to write to a politician or contact a corporation, letting them know of a concern you have? To inform yourself, you might like to start with the ARRCC website and go to the “Learn” tag.

For the sake of the children it is time to act.


Angelus & Coffee together over Zoom Coming together on our computers and tablets each Tuesday morning at 9.15am to say the Angelus, read the Gospel, pray together and share our stories while catching up over a coffee.  If you are interested in joining contact  and we will forward the link

St. Vincent de Paul Conference

Many thanks to those who have continued to support the work of our local Vinnies through donations of groceries etc. With the closure of our churches future donations can be left in the box on the front porches of the Parish Office (4 Waverley Ave), the Presbytery (63 Wilfred Rd), the Dixon’s (9 Ambrose St). 

A special message from VMCH.

Here at VMCH, we continue to support thousands of clients with their at-home aged care needs. We have implemented strict health and safety procedures as we continue to deliver personal care, domestic care, respite, companionship and wellbeing checks. If you are after support or any advice please contact one of our compassionate consultants on 1300 698 624.  

asking for our community’s support

to help them find 10 long-term Foster Carers who are willing to open up their doors, to change a child’s life. Their new, highly innovative fostering program will provide tailored and continuous support to each of these Carers and their families, through a central ‘Hub Home’ based within the Ivanhoe Parish. With access to proper respite, psychologists and 24/7 care teams, Lighthouse will be there to walk alongside them every step of the way… in what could only be the most worthwhile journey they’ll ever go on.    Together, let’s be ‘heroes in our homes’ by helping them spread the word.      Our community has the potential to find these children Foster families, and give them a corner of the world where they can feel safe and wanted. There are also many opportunities for parishioners to volunteer in a variety of ways to support the ‘Hub Home’ - based near to Mother of God Church and the East Ivanhoe shopping centre.

What makes Lighthouse unique                 * Dedicated 'Hub Home'  * Trauma-informed support       * Regular social events and outings     * Regular respite        * Learning and development opportunities       * Carefully selected local Community Committee volunteers    * Surrounded by people who understand the challenges you're faced with & can share in the joy of progress    

To make find out more: phone Fr. Bill on 0427 879 733,   or Lighthouse on 1800 542 273,   or visit

A Local Initiative on a Shared Moral Challenge
Local parishioners concerned about the moral challenge of climate change may be interested to learn more about ARRCC (Australian Religious Response to Climate Change). ARRCC is a multi-faith member based organization of people of faith who are committed to taking action  on climate change. It has a local Victorian Chapter called “Green Faith / ARRCC. It has an excellent website with inspiring information and ideas for personal and communal action. See         If you are interested in being part of a local parish group that could share   and participate together on issues of climate change please contact me via Fr. Bill at the Parish Office.  Christina Pead-Erbrederis (Parishioner MOG)