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Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Mass Details

Children’s Liturgy - Praying with Children, 4th Sunday Easter,  15 May    HERE

The Praying with Children material that we posted on our website during the Covid Shutdown is once more available. It can be accessed on our website each weekend. The download is a wonderful way of engaging children in the Sunday Gospel.


Welcome to our parish celebration of Mass. You no longer need to Check In. Wearing your Mask is optional but strongly recommended on Sundays and Masses with large congregations.   Please Sanitize your hands on entry and before Communion.  At this time we are refraining from shaking hands as we exchange the Greeting of Peace.  Holy Communion is in one kind only (the Body of Christ) and must be received into the hands.   Please place your offering envelopes and loose collection into the box provided on the small table at the entry to the church as we cannot take up a collection by passing the plate around.   Thank you! 
# NEW   Melbourne Catholic Feature article on Fr Bill & Ivanhoe Parish (see News page)
# NEW   Laudato Si' Week   (see bottom of Home page)

Celebrating Laudato Si’ Week

16th – 24th May is a global celebration where we remember Pope Francis urging us in his encyclical Laudato Si’ to hear the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor and to humbly place ourselves in communion with our common home. Today, as a Catholic Earthcare Parish we celebrate our part in the great progress the whole Church is making on its journey towards the seven Laudato Si’ Goals set before us by Pope Francis to achieve ecological conversion.             This weekend, to prepare ourselves for Laudato Si’ Week, each Mass will have the theme of God’s Creation and the responsibility we have been given as stewards of Creation.         The dream of a peaceful, fruitful and harmonious creation is woven into the fabric of the scriptures. It’s found in the imagined origins of the universe and in the prophets’ vision of its ultimate realisation.      Until now, whatever convulsions planet earth has experienced, the powers of nature have been regenerative. Something entirely new is happening now, for the worse, not the better. For the first time in history, human behaviour has unleashed forces that threaten the survival of the world’s entire biosystem.        Jesus’ command to love another was never just about loving ‘our own’. It was about embracing the unloved, the unlovable, the stranger and the enemy. Now our love must enfold the wounded earth with fierce determination.


Parish Celebrations for

Pentecost & the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

This year our Parish is hosting the Banyule Churches Together closing celebration for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity on the Eve of Pentecost.

 Because of the significance both of this event and the Feast of Pentecost it is hoped our wholeParish Community will come together for a special - 

Vigil Mass for Pentecost

6.00pm on Saturday 4 June

at St. Bernadette’s

The Mass will be followed by refreshments in the Community Hall. As parishioners are encouraged to attend this special Mass, rather than the normal Sunday Masses on 5th June, the Masses on the Sunday will be “Low Masses”. That is, no music or homily. Please put this special celebration in your calendar now.


Gospel & Coffee Discussion Group

Our Gospel and Coffee Discussion Group meets each Thursday after the 9.15am Mass

and concludes at 10.30am.

All Welcome! 


Mass on Demand (streamed) from elsewhere

1. St Patrick's Cathedral Melbourne: Mass every day 1 pm  HERE  and on Sundays at 11:00am. Digital Channel 44 (previously known as C31)

2. Mass on demand  (Broken Bay Diocese)   HERE

3. Mass at Home (Channel 10 - need to register)   HERE


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