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Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Mass Times
  2020 Parish Calendar V7 available HERE  (updated 1 February 2020)
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Prayer @Home

Streamed weekend Masses @home  from Mary Mother of the Church, Ivanhoe - available HERE 

Readings for Pentecost, 31 May, (from Universalis)  HERE


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- Fr. Bill


Mass on Demand (streamed)

1. Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne, St Patrick's Cathedral, live Mon- Fri,   HERE

2. Digital Channel 44 (titled C31)

3. Mass on demand  (Broken Bay Diocese)   HERE

4. Mass at Home (Channel 10 - need to register)   HERE


Reopening of Parish Office

Our Parish Office will reopen on Monday 1st June from 9.00am - 1.00pm. Until that time the office phone will be redirected to either Ruth or Fr. Bill.

Reopening Our Churches For Mass

Last Wednesday our Parish Pastoral Council met to consider a way forward to open our churches for Mass in line with government regulations. In considering both the physical and spiritual wellbeing of our parishioners, and our parish’s ability to fully implement all the compliance obligations set down by the Government and the Archdiocese, we plan to reopen our churches for Mass from Tuesday 2nd June.


However under government regulations

¨ Only 10 people can attend

¨ Those wishing to attend must book in by phoning the parish office and register their name and contact number

¨ There will be strict controls regarding hygiene and seating arrangements

¨ Those who are at risk or vulnerable should not attend

¨ Those with any cold or flu symptoms must not attend

¨ The church doors will be locked once Mass begins and latecomers will not be admitted


So that we can give as many people as possible, the opportunity to come to Mass there will be 2 Masses each day except Monday.

Mass Timetable From Tuesday 2nd June    (It does not matter which session or church you attend)

Tuesday        9.15am @ MOG    7.30pm @ MOG
Wednesday   9.15am @ MI       7.30pm @ MOG
Thursday      9.15am @ MI        7.30pm @ MOG
Friday           9.15am @ SB        7.30pm @ MOG
Saturday      9.15am @ MI         6.00pm @ SB
Sunday        9.00am @ MI         10.30am @ MOG

You may only book for one Mass at a time when you ring. If possible those who have no work commitments should book a weekday morning Mass so that those who are working can book weekend or evening Masses. Please remember that under a Papal dispensation, during this crises, there is no obligation to attend Sunday Mass - so please do not monopolize bookings for Sundays.


How to Book for Mass 

¨ You can start booking in for a Mass from Tuesday 26th May

¨ Ring Parish Office (9499 1515) between the hours of 9am & 1pm

¨ Request which Mass you are booking - date and time - how many in your family are attending - office will confirm availability

¨ Office will require names and phone numbers of each person

¨ You must arrive at the church at least 5 minutes before Mass starts so that you can be processed - late comers will not be admitted and the church doors will be locked once Mass begins


Reopening Our Churches For Mass

In addition to the 10 people permitted to attend Mass we are also allowed to have extras who have specific official functions in the liturgy. This will include 2 altar servers, 2 readers and 2 ushers. Those acting in these roles will also need to book in through the office but please advise the office that you are offering to be a server, reader or usher so that you can be rostered and registered separately. To qualify altar servers and readers must already be serving in those roles and ushers must have attended one of our training sessions (see below).


Ushers for Mass

If our arrangements for reopening our churches for Mass are going to work then we must have two ushers for each Mass.


The ushers will:

¨ Greet and check contact details of each person as they arrive

¨ Offer sanitizer, hygiene check and direct people to their seats

¨ Lock the church at start of Mass

¨ After Mass assist with exiting and the sanitizing of all touch points in the church


If you wish to volunteer as an usher, please ring the parish office before Wednesday and book into one of the following training sessions:

¨ Friday 29th May 10.30am at St. Bernadette’s

¨ Saturday 30th May 10.30am at Mary Immaculate

¨ Sunday 31st May 10.30am at Mother of God

Readings for Pentecost, 31 May 2020, Universalis, available HERE
Prayers at Home for This Week - See HERE

(Mass times during normal times  post COVID-19)

Sunday mass times

Saturday        6.00pm          St. Bernadette’s

Sunday          9.00am          Mary Immaculate

                    10.30am         Mother of God

Weekday mass times

Tuesday         9.15am           Mother of God

Wednesday     9.15am           Mary Immaculate

Thursday        9.15am           Mary Immaculate

Friday             9.15am           St. Bernadette’s


Sacrament of Reconciliation                                                                                               

Every Saturday

¨ 5.00pm - 5.20pm at Mary Immaculate                                                                                       

¨ 5.30pm - 5.50pm at St. Bernadette’s

or weekdays by appointment with Parish Priest  


Candelmas, Sunday 2 February 2020 (The Presentation of the Lord - and return to a full Multimedia Liturgy after the January break)


A Celebration in every meaning of the word (10 June 2019)

That was certainly true as we honoured Mary as the patron of our Parish under the title of Mary, Mother of the Church, last Monday evening. Parishioners came from all parts of our community and heartily joined in the Mass, specially singing the beautiful Marian hymns. Fr Bill’s words were relevant and uplifting and the Prayers of the Faithful expressed so clearly the needs we see and the  hopes we have for our Parish and our world. By the end of Mass, the Pizzas had arrived, the ‘bar people’ were ready to serve us and we enjoyed a wonderful evening of fellowship.

1st Mary Mother of the Church Catholic Parish Ivanhoe Patronal Mass, 10 June 2019, Mother Of God Church
(7:00pm Mass followed by convivial Pizza supper)


Weekend Masses:


St Bernadette’s Church           6.00 pm


Mary Immaculate Church       9.00 am                             

Mother of God Church           10.30 am 

St Bernadette's (in Korean)    11.00am  (the Korean Catholic Community)                  

Other available Masses at 5:00pm Sundays:
5.00pm         St. Gregory’s              Manningham Rd, Doncaster                       
5.00pm         St. John’s                  Queen’s Parade, Clifton Hill   


Weekday Masses:

Tuesday        - 9.15am Mother of God      

Wednesday   - 9.15am Mary Immaculate  

Wednesday   - 7.30pm St Bernadette's, Mass in Korean (the Korean Catholic Community)

Thursday       - 9.15am Mary Immaculate

                      - 8.00pm St Bernadette's, Korean Adoration Prayers (the Korean Catholic Community)

Friday            - 9.15am St Bernadette's

Sacrament of Reconciliation - Every Saturday

5.00om - 5.20pm at Mary Immaculate

5.30pm - 5.50pm at St Bernadette's

Or on weekdays at Mother Of God by appointment with the Parish Priest, The Catholic Parish of Ivanhoe


Reconciliation is also available at:    Alphington, St Anthony’s: Saturday after 9.30am Mass
Heidelberg, St John’s: Saturday after 9.15am Mass; and 5.30pm
Heidelberg West, St Pius X: Saturday after 9.30am (after 9am Mass).

Yarra Deanery Mass times may be downloaded here 

Greetings to friends in the Parish of Ivanhoe from Fr. Lasbert
Photos below show Blessing of apples after Mass to celebrate the 2018 Lunar New Year in Indonesia. Other photos with family and parishioners

Surprising/unpredictable situation at 1st Sunday of Advent Mass, Mary Immaculate Church!  3 December 2017
o it's not what you might think!   On this high-alert storm weekend in Melbourne, a roof leak at MI Church required the urgent placement of plastic buckets behind the altar, thus for practical reasons requiring Mass to be celebrated in front of the altar, as it used to be. This was not a choice of the priest and congregation for all to 'Face East' towards God in the manner of the early Church, but purely a practical necessity!  However it makes for some interesting photos (below)!
Not what you might think - this results from a leak in the roof behind the altar!

(Old content below - including Mass-related photos from 2007 to 2016)

Mass Readings30th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 23 October  2016, HERE

(from the Association of Catholic Priests, Ireland)


Parish Information (compiled January 2016), may be downloaded here

(liturgies, week-day Communion Services, sacramental information and contact details for Parish schools)

Thank you: We welcome and thank school children rostered as readers and bringing Offertory Gifts who have come with their families to Parish Masses.

We welcome Isabella Sulpizi and Daisy Burke who are baptised in the Catholic Parish of Ivanhoe this weekend. We welcome their families, relatives and friends who have come to this special  occasion, one of many steps in the lifelong journey of faith.  

Gathering for Joy Meacham:    There will be an opportunity to remember Joy at the 9.15am Mass at St Bernadette’s Church on Friday 28th October followed by  Morning Tea at Ryder Cheshire Centre, 10 Donaldson St, Ivanhoe. All invited and welcome. 

Memorial Mass Sunday, 6th  November 9.00am at Mary Immaculate Church:   
The Annual Memorial Mass provides as opportunity to remember loved ones, family and friends whose funerals took place in our parish within the past year, as well as remembering those who have died outside our parish during the year.  All are invited to attend the Memorial Mass which will take place on Sunday, 6th  November, at 9.00am in Mary Immaculate Church followed by Morning Tea in Mary Immaculate Hall. Names of others who have died can be included, but need to be given to the Parish Office no later than Monday 31 October.




Weekend Masses:


St Bernadette’s Church           6.00 pm


Mary Immaculate Church       9.00 am                             

Mother of God Church           10.30 am 

St Bernadette's (in Korean)    11.00am  (the Korean Catholic Community)                  

Other available 5:00pm Masses:
5.00pm         St. Gregory’s              Manningham Rd, Doncaster                       
5.00pm         St. John’s                  Queen’s Parade, Clifton Hill   


Weekday Masses:

Tuesday        - 9.15am Mother of God      

Wednesday   - 9.15am Mary Immaculate  

Wednesday   - 7.30pm to 8.30pm, St Bernadette's, Mass in Korean (the Korean Catholic Community)

Thursday      - 8.00pm to 10.00pm, St Bernadette's, Korean Adoration Prayers (the Korean Catholic Community)

Friday           - 9.15am St Bernadette's


In the Catholic Parish of Ivanhoe Reconciliation is normally available each Saturday morning at our Churches in sequence at 10am as below, or by appointment  

Mary Immaculate:     1st, 3rd, and 5th Saturday of the Month at 10.00am
Mother of God:
         2nd Saturday of the Month at 10.00am
St. Bernadette’s:      4th Saturday of the Month at 10.00am 

Reconciliation is also available at:    Alphington, St Anthony’s: Saturday after 9.30am Mass
Heidelberg, St John’s: Saturday after 9.15am Mass; and 5.30pm
Heidelberg West, St Pius X: Saturday after 9.30am (after 9am Mass).

Yarra Deanery Mass times may be downloaded here 


Mass Live Online?                                                                                                                                                                                                       Are you unable to physically join your parish community on weekdays for Mass? Broken Bay Diocese invites you to join the staff at Bishop David's Office in the Chapel of the Caroline Chisholm Centre, Pennant Hills, for Mass Streamed Live. Mass streamed live to your computer Weekdays (Monday to Friday) 8.30am or 9:30am, except for Public holidays.
Click here for 9:30am weekday Mass at:   Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral,    Waitara 
here  for 8.30am weekday at: The Chapel at the Caroline Chisholm Centre, Pennant Hills



Links to photos below:


Easter Vigil with the Korean community, 25 March 2016







Holy Thursday, 24 March 2016








 Altar of repose


Palm Sunday, 20 March 2016

In his Homily at Palm Sunday Masses last weekend Fr Jacob contrasted the enthusiasm at Christ's entrance into Jerusalem with the very different, silent and passive, response by many of the same people during his passion and Crucifixion  a short time later on Good Friday. Challenging as it can be we are called to stand up for our faith and beliefs, and following Christ's example supporting others by showing love, helping those suffering or in need, and fighting injustice.









Mr Thang's Farewell Mass, Sunday 6 March 2016





Margaret Rush's farewell Mass at St Bernadette's, 30 January 2016



Centenary Celebration Mass, 25 October 2015

100 years forward
John Costa, Sunday 25 October 2015

Today's Centenary Mass celebrated not just what happened 100 years ago on this site with the opening of Immaculate Conception Church, but in particular the spirit that has carried on from then through the years to help make the Catholic parish of Ivanhoe what it is now, and where it is heading. That spirit has been passed on from people past to present and has also been felt in the wider Ivanhoe community. These sentiments were collectively expressed by Pastoral leadership Team President Chris Dixon today during his welcome, and regional Bishop Mark Edwards during his Homily.

Reflecting on today's Gospel Mark Bishop Edwards also remembered a memorial he once saw at Lourdes to a a blind Lady who praised god for giving her the special vision that enabled her to see what it really means to follow Christ.

A large assembly of guests included Anthony Carbines Member for Ivanhoe in the legislative Assembly, Mayor of Banyule Craig Langdon,  Councillor Jenny Mulholland, representatives from other Christian churches, retired  and former priests of Ivanhoe; priests from neighbouring parishes, together with past and present lay and religious parishioners, youth and children from and beyond our schools, the Ivanhoe Parish Choir, and Musicians from the Korean Community at St Bernadette's. Hospitality was provided by the Outreach Group, and a busy sausage sizzle also helped make the day a great success.                 

At the conclusion of Mass Fr Thang  expressed deep appreciation for all those who have worked towards today's celebration in so many varied ways.  In the spirit of continuing change he also asked all parishioners to warmly welcome our new Parish-Priest-To-Be, from January 13 2015, Fr Jacob.

 Here are a few initial photographs from today.Centenary Celebration Mass, 25 October 2015 (from John Costa Edward Macardle and, shortly from Sr Carmel Butler)
















1st Eucharist Mass, Sunday 9 August 2015, Mary Immaculate School











Fr Len Thomas "80-50" Celebration, Saturday 20 June 2015






Part of Day 2, Fr Lasber Sinaga, Sunday 17 May 2015

While Fr Lasber arrived in Melbourne yesterday from Indonesia he is here is here to pursue further studies in Clinical Psychology at the CairnMillar Institute and is staying in the backroom of the Parish Office. By his 2nd day he had already been welcomed into our three Parish churches and con-celebrated 3 Masses with Fr Thang, as these photographs partly illustrate;








ANZAC Centenary Mass 2015 (and refreshments)


Saturday 25th April 2015 (also revealing original polished altar floor of St Bernadette's  re-introduced today)




MOG 1st Eucharist (with Italian Choir), Sunday 23 November 2014



MOG School "Village Fair", Saturday 22 November 2014







1st Eucharist, Mother of God, 14 September 2014

MOG Young people sharing in the Homily

  1st Communicants at The Offertory

  Celebration - Certificates of 1st Eucharist

1st Eucharist, Children from Mary Immaculate School, Sunday 3rd August 2014


Photo 1.  Sharing in the Liturgy of the Eucharist before receiving 1st Communion


"From little things big things grow" This was a message from Fr Thang to the 13 children who celebrated their 1st Eucharist today together with a full church of family, friends and parishioners.

Following a video about a blind man another message related to using the right words to say what we mean in our hearts, to achieve the best result. The words of a  subsequent Reflection song "The Summons"  also poignantly illustrated the power of God's word.

Photo 2,  - a rare view "from the other side" !

Confirmation 2014

Our students speak - Confirmation at St Patrick's Cathedral

Who better to describe this experience last Sunday (St Patrick's Cathedral,1 June) than those who have just been confirmed? Students from our Parish are being asked about this and already some, from Mother Of God school, have shared thoughts about their Confirmation experience last Sunday:

When I received my confirmation it was a very special time of my life because it meant that I was confirmed into the church and was mature enough to make my own decision on being a Christian. I really enjoyed the experience, not just making my confirmation, but preparing for it by going to the confirmation retreat and rehearsals, going to the Mary Mackillop heritage centre. I feel more welcomed into the church by receiving the sacrament and it was intriguing to learn about the saint I chose and over all confirmation was fun and interesting.  
- Lucy

"Be humble, be simple, and bring joy to others"    
When I received my Confirmation it was a very sacred time of my life. I really enjoyed preparing for Confirmation and I learnt a lot about being confirmed. The saint that I chose was St Madeleine Sophie Barat. I chose this saint because I really admired her story about how she helped young girls get a good education and she founded a Society of the Sacred Heart schools for girls. The whole experience of receiving the sacrament of Confirmation opened my eyes to let me see how much fun and great Confirmation can be.
- Letitia

On th
e day of my confirmation I felt better than ever and a part of the catholic parish. When I got anointed I could feel the spirit flowing through my veins. Arch Bishop Denis Hart congratulated me on my great achievement and I happily replied “thank-you”. After the Mass my cousins were really happy for me. I would like to live by generosity like St Nicholas did for the man and his three daughters.   
- Trent

On the day of my confirmation I felt proud to be a part of the Catholic Church. I felt willing and joyful too. ”God is our weapon” is a quote I
would love to live my life like. This means to be devoted to God even in tough times. My confirmation makes me want to be a active member of the church.
- Ryan

On Sunday the 1st of June I made the decision to make The Sacrament Of Confirmation. It was a day to enjoy but most of all it was a time to reflect on things I have done in the past and to be more of a follower of God.
– Sofia 


A little history (reprint from Kairos, Volume 21, Issue 09, 2010)

Students from Ivanhoe parish who were preparing for their confirmation (set for Sunday 23 May) met with Archbishop Denis Hart at St Patrick’s Cathedral on 19 May. Archbishop Hart spent time with the students and their teachers,

discussing the sacrament and praying with them. The group included students from the three parish schools in Ivanhoe – Mary Immaculate, Mother of God and St Bernadette’s – and also the parish Catechist children.

Photo: Kairos

Easter 2014

Photos from some of the Easter services across the Parish




Maundy Thursday, 17th April.  Mass of the Lord's Supper at St Bernadette's church jointly celebrated with the Korean Community.Washing of the feet by Fr Thang.


This services was preceded by a traditional Eucumenical Dinner shared by members of Ivanhoe Churches (4th Photo below).














Mass Con-celebrated by Frs Youn and Thang with altar servers and many parishioners








A wonderful Maundy Thursday roast Dinner. This year it was the turn of the Catholic Parish of Ivanhoe to arrange - at the Ivanhoe Uniting Church in Seddern Street - in conjunction also with the  Ivanhoe Baptist Church and St James Anglican Church. The meal was served by Ministers of all these churches including Fr Thang.

With a microscope Merle Gilbo might just be recognised behind the microphone in the adjoining photo welcoming everyone to this year's 'full house'  Maundy meal accompanied by fine live music by Eyvonne & Liz from the Uniting Church. The excellent roast lamb was once again kindly provided by Paul Brady of Caffe Strada in Ivanhoe




Good Friday- The Passion of the Lord. at at Mother of God Church, 19th April






Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday Masses at Mary Immaculate Church, 20 April



1st Eucharist, August 2013

1st Eucharist at St Bernadette's an uplifting experience
Tuesday 20 August 2012
All reports from last Saturday's 1st Eucharist of children from St Bernadette's Primary School say the same thing - that it was a very joyous and uplifting occasion in the packed St Bernadette's Church. Not surprising given all the very extensive preparatory work by teachers and Parish. However pictures say a great deal and the following photographs perhaps give some idea (further photos may be published later).


The First Eucharist Mass for Mother Of God children was also celebrated in a packed church

Family Christmas Mass 2012 (Photos from MI. Family Masses also at St Bernadette's & MOG)



 Fr Len Thomas (in retirement) celebrates Christmas Family Mass with full congregation and Mary Immaculate Primary School students on Christmas eve (Fr Len also celebrated Christmas Day Mass at St Bernadette's).


Family Christmas Mass 2011

At a Family Christmas Mass, 2011 

Installation Mass of Fr Thang, Saturday 26 November 2011

(more photos on Photos/Multimedia page)

1st Eucharist 2011

The Big day!

Some photos from just one of the 1st Eucharist celebrations this year from each of our three Parish schools


An animated rendition of the John Burland's hymn for children "Building God's Kingdom"

Easter 2011



Fr John returns for Easter Sunday as a retired priest.


Fr Thang celebrates Palm Sunday with us

Christmas Family Masses 2010

Fr John's last Christmas Family Mass before retiring as Parish Priest

"suffer the little children to come unto me, and do not hinder them"   Mark 10:13-15


  - and why wouldn't Joseph look so pleased?


What does all this mean?


 Fr Len Thomas Celebrating 2010 Christmas Family Mass as 'visiting'  Priest


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Retirement Mass for Fr Len Thomas

St Bernadette's church, Sunday 20th June, 2010 



(further edited photos from this great occasion may be seen on the Photo Gallery page)

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Palm Sunday, 28 March 2010

Blessing of the Palms


 Reading the Passion of Our Lord according to Luke.

Fr John said that the story of the Passion of Christ is the story of today. Commenting on the Reflective music during this Mass "Were you there when they crucified the Lord" he asked were we there when people went hungry, when people were suffering, when people needed a friend. With all the goodness that still exists in the  world the Passion also reminds us that there is good cause for hope. 

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"Youth Mass for Everyone"  Sunday 6 December 2009


 (Collectively sharing the Celebration with Fr John Cunningham)

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Young Peoples' Group Mass - and Fr John's 50 years as a Priest, 14 June 2009

Many words could be spoken about this evening but this small sample of photos from the occasion will suffice, together with the comment that it was a wonderful Mass in many ways.



Fr John's Brother Felix from Ireland.

In the background Pia Boutsakis prepares to thank Elizabeth Craven for serving the Parish so well for so long in so many many ways, and to fondly farewell her as she moves.


Thanks to all the young people, youth leaders, young at heart, Fr John's family, helpers and everyone else present who help make this Parish what it is, and effectively recognised Fr John's significant contribution to the Parish through this liturgy tonight.

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Ascension,  Sunday 24 May 2009

Striking mobiles representing "tongues of fire" suspended from the ceiling of Mary Immaculate Church today draw attention to a number of significant events at this time in our Church Calendar - Next Sunday Pentecost Sunday, Today the Ascension, Confirmation of children from our Parish, start of a week of Prayer for Christian Unity, and World Communications Day. These many and varied celebrations have one theme in common, the Risen Lord in our midst.


The Ascension is not about Jesus going up into outer space. The ascension is not an event, but a celebration of the passing of the baton from Jesus to us - from Break Open The Word, the book for readers, Year B - 2009, Barry Copley, Therese D'Arcy, The Liturgical Commission


 "Sometimes we let people down, sometimes we are let down, but such is life. Let's be aware of the Risen Lord in our life"

This paraphrases some of Fr John's words in his Weekly Reflection, published in Full on that page of this website.

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ANZAC Day 2009


ANZAC day Mass at St Bernadette's, 8:00am Saturday 25th April 2009

The mass was con-celebrated by Frs Len Thomas and John Cunningham.  Fr Len spoke of the sacrifice made by many young people, and the association between those being directly remembered and their families, and the need also to remember and support the latter.ANZAC day Mass at St Bernadette's, 8:00am Saturday 25th April 2009

The mass was con-celebrated by Frs Len Thomas and John Cunningham.  Fr Len spoke of the sacrifice made by many young people, and the association between those being directly remembered and their families, and the need also to remember and support the latter.

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Parish Visitor from Montreal

Sunday 8 March 2009

Fifteen year old Amanda Etingin from Montreal is on a six week student exchange with Emma Costa of our Parish. While the program is a reciprocal student exchange between particular schools another important part is the opportunity for students, in this case from Canada, and some other countries, to experience something of life in Australia and in particular with their host family.This means that as a person of Jewish faith Amanda has also experienced something of our Ivanhoe Catholic Parish life and Sunday Mass. Having been previously welcomed by Fr John at her first Mass here Amanda was invited by Fr Len on Sunday 8th March to share something of her experience.

Amanda enthusiastically described the exchange programme and spoke of her family and Church experience here. She said  that whilst there were some differences between Judaism and Christianity there were also many important common elements that we share. She also said that whilst we in the Parish here were preparing for Easter during Lent, when Emma joins her in Montreal for the reciprocal exchange shortly she will be invited in return to attend a synagogue and celebrate Passover. She said that she felt very welcome in our Church and thanked everyone for allowing her to attend. The second photo was taken  with Fr Len after mass.



Missionary Sisters of Service  - Anniversary of Foundation

On Sunday 6 July 2008 at the anniversary of its foundation Sister Therese Healy, an Ivanhoe Parishioner, spoke at the 9am (and 5pm) Mary Immaculate Mass about "The Missionary Sisters of Service", also known as the 'Caravan Sisters'. She related the varied work done by these Sisters over many years and in numerous different  human situations to the values of the Catholic Parish of Ivanhoe - Hospitality, Inclusiveness Service and Mission. Whilst this work had been invaluable to the lives of many needy or disenfranchised people there are now few available to continue such work. Many of the people whose lives have been impacted on by the work of this order are like those in today's Gospel reading from Matthew (11:25-30) who were humble enough to open their hearts and accept the one who came in simplicity and love to offer support.


The Anniversary Mass was also attended by a number of Missionary Sisters who now live in Melbourne but who served for many years in various Parishes in Qld, Tasmania, South Australia and Victoria.

Sr Therese and some colleagues and friends in front of the "instant" book-stand at MI Church where some of the stories of the Missionary Sisters of Service are told in the book "Around The Kitchen Table". it was written by Tasmanian freelance author Penny Edman.

The book is available for $30 (or $40 posted) and copies may be ordered via the Parish office.


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"Light The Fire" World Youth Day 2008 Celebration Mass

Our Youth Leaders and members of the Young Peoples' Group in conjunction with the Liturgy Group, and others planned a special Mass "Light The Fire" which was held at Mother of God Church on Sunday 22 June to celebrate the forthcoming World Youth Day 2008. The three schools of the Parish promoted the Mass and many youth from the Parish, including our Korean community, actively participated with others in this joyous celebration.

The idea of this Mass came from Alan Pollard who introduced the Parish to the beautiful Mass music of Irish Priest Fr Liam Lawton and was instrumental in getting this great event off the ground. The Mass was set against a musical backdrop of Fr Liam's unique, uplifting and joyous Mass music. 

Fr Len Thomas celebrated this Mass and in the context of World Youth Day spoke of the talent and energy of our young people and the importance of having trust in their ability to do great things. He also acknowledged the talent and energy of all who had collaborated in this celebration Mass. 

Being next to the shortest day of the year the 5:30pm start in near darkness highlighted the candlelight and musical preamble "Could it Be?". From the very start right through to the end the unique and moving music of Fr Liam uplifted the Mass and captured the congregation, young and older.

The Parish is blessed with very fine musicians, singers and conductors. The special choir featured John Caddy and many other soloists, too many to mention here. The whole event, held at Mother of God Church, was a collaborative event across the Parish. The large congregation burst into spontaneous warm and extended applause at the end, indicating, as do the photos below of the altar servers exiting from the service, that in celebrating youth and World Youth Day this event does seem to have gone some way towards achieving its objective  to "light the fire".


Preparing to carry the Cross for the entrance procession

 The theme for this Mass is that of World Youth Day. This theme wall was designed and constructed by our Youth Leaders Elly McGarvie & Tom Stammers and in harmony with their decoration of the the Church symbolically features the flame of the Holy Spirit

 Lighting the physical fire


Experiencing the musical liturgy 

Choir rehearsal (one of several) on 19 June.

Fr Len also spoke about seeing World Youth Day not in simple black and white terms but rather in terms of the potential for its inspirational impact on those participating, either directly or indirectly via special Parish events or hosting pilgrims in our homes.


 The overflow


 A Joyous exit

 Perhaps someone's fire has been lit?


 "Please bring a plate" resulted in a sumptuous feast after the Mass, and an opportunity to socialise and savour both the joy of the Mass and fine sustenance (this picture illustrates just one part of the shared hospitality).

 With all the ideas, resources and talent across this Parish perhaps one could say that the Sky's the limit!


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Pentecost,  Sunday 11 May 2008, 5:00 pm Mass

When Pentecost day came round the apostles had all met in one room, when suddenly they heard what sounded like a powerful wind from heaven, the noise of which filled the entire house in which they were sitting; and something appeared to them that seemed like tongues of fire.......... From: Acts of The Apostles 2:1-11

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Some Images - Easter Vigil, Saturday Evening, 22 March 2008


The ancient Church held its main Easter service, or Vigil, on Saturday evening. The service traditionally begins outside the church, where the Easter or Paschal candle is lit and carried into the Church by procession.

The service begins sombrely but has a joyous, exuberant climax, which, for the purpose of this service represents and celebrates the Resurrection. During the service, the congregation is invited to renew baptismal vows.


The Paschal Candle 

The Paschal candle is made of pure white wax and is marked with a cross, an Alpha, and an Omega, the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. The 4 numbers of the year are marked between the arms. This symbolises that Christ has been, is now and always will be with humanity. The three candles seen above are for each Church in our Parish.

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Good Friday, 3 PM, Mother of God,  21 March 2008

Christ is dead, Christ will come again.

Holy Thursday,  20 March,  St Bernadette's,  8:00 PM

Jesus washed the feet of his disciples at the Last Supper as a sign of the new commandment to love one another.  For centuries the Church has imitated the Lord through the ritual enactment of this new commandment in the washing of feet on Holy Thursday.

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Images of Palm Sunday, 16 March 2008, Mary Immaculate



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Christmas Altar 2007

 Christmas Mass altar at Mary Immaculate, 7:30 PM Christmas Eve 2007

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