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  Mary Mother of the Church

Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Transfer of Mother of God Students to Mary Immaculate and St. Bernadette’s
Friday 25 August 2018

Dear Parents and Parishioners,

In my last letter you were advised that our students at MOG would be welcomed at Mary Immaculate and St. Bernadette’s and their internal transfer to another of our parish schools would be facilitated by school staff at the request of parents.

Some have interpreted this to mean that all MOG students could be guaranteed places at just one of those schools, namely St.  Bernadette’s. I apologise if the words I used in my last letter have led to that interpretation. It was not my intention to be in any way misleading. The logical reality is that between our two schools (Mary Immaculate and St. Bernadette’s) we have a capacity to place those MOG students desiring a place within our parish school system but those placements must be shared across both schools as their individual capacity allows.

St. Bernadette’s School is now at full capacity so all student transfers from Mother of God need to be directed to Mary Immaculate.

I understand this has caused further disappointment and frustration among school families, however, from responses we have received from parents much of this disappointment and frustration has been caused by malicious misinformation regarding the future of Mary   Immaculate School. Gossip and scuttlebutt that appears to have the sole aim of undermining the future of Mary Immaculate School has led families to question the viability of enrolling in that school. I can only reassure you that by taking the painful step of closing Mother of God School our Working Party was, and remains, absolutely committed to ensuring the future   viability of our two remaining schools.
Our intention is to create two viable and stable schools in the parish into the future - and that we are determined to do - despite any attempts by some in the community to undermine that future. We have not undertaken the very painful process of closing one school for any other reason than ensuring the long term future of a viable catholic  system of education in the parish via both Mary Immaculate and St. Bernadette’s.
Supporting two schools into the future is not only the   recommendation of the Working Party: it is supported and endorsed by your Parish Priest, Stephen Elder (Executive Officer of Catholic Education Melbourne) and Archbishop Denis Hart.

Let me again assure you there is capacity for your children at Mary Immaculate and we are planning to offer your children the very best education into the future.

I encourage you to transfer your children to Mary Immaculate with complete confidence in that future.

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Bill Edebohls PP