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  Mary Mother of the Church

Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

MOG School Closure Mass - 10th December 2017
Extract from Fr Bill's Homily, published 12 December 2017
Words from today’s 1st Reading from the Prophet Isaiah: “Console my people, console them…..speak to the heart and say…..your time of service has ended.”         And  at  the  end  there  is  often  need  for  consolation  - end  of  life,  end  of  relationships,  end  of institutions, end of schools - yet there is also a reality to be learnt that in every new beginning - each new beginning is a journey to an inevitable end. Just as every new birth heralds an inevitable death from which none of us can escape.                 So today we gather to give thanks. Some of you will be thinking that thanks is the last thing that ought be on our mind or our lips. But, as I say at many funerals, whatever the circumstances, a Christian funeral is still, even in the midst of grief, pain and tears, a celebration and a time of thanksgiving - and why at the end of every burial we still say: “Go in peace - Thanks be to God”.         Why? Because for a time, no matter how brief, we have been blessed with the gift of life: Blessed with friendships  and  relationships  that  have  given  life,  hope,  and  the  opportunity  to  share  joys  and sorrows. And for that we say “Thanks be to God.      In  our  school  -  children  have  been  nurtured,  educated,  gained  wisdom  and  knowledge,  formed friendships and endearing relationships, grown in faith, in hope, in love. Thanks be to God.            Teachers have.........(read full Homily HERE)