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 Music plays a large and important role in the Catholic Parish of Ivanhoe. The Parish has some excellent singers and musicians and two choirs. We always welcome new musicians and singers.

One of the long standing contributors to music in the Parish is Alan Pollard (right). Immediately below the cover photo from his soon to be released CD "If You Listen" underneath are music samples from his new CD. This will be launched shortly (to be advised) at Mother of God Church East Ivanhoe with all profits going to CARITAS and sales being handled through the Parish Office.

Alan has been singing in the Parish for some 15 years, Apart from being a valued member of the parish choir he has a lifelong interest in Celtic music. He is also a devoted fan of well known Irish priest Fr Liam Lawton and his compositions.  Liam’s music is best described as a blend of world, folk and Celtic styles and has a wide appeal.

The CD has been Recorded over the past 12 months with help from local musicians, Alycia Fitzsimons, Chris Pollard, Keith Campbell, Ross Inglis, Dave Carter and also singers within the parish.



 “If You Listen” - Alan Pollard and Friends in Concert in Ivanhoe

1. The Silence and the Sorrow (sample)   

2. The Lord is my shepherd (sample)  

3. In the Quiet (sample

4. So longs my soul (sample)  

5. S'Me Do Ghiolla  (sample)  

6. If you Listen (sample

7. Hiding Place (sample

8. Could it be (sample

9. Ever have the time (sample

10. Believe (sample)  

Anne Puliju was pianist at Mary Immaculate Church. Here is a recording of "We Are Called" quickly made in July 2009 before her departure from Australia to live in the U.S.. 



In future we hope to record more of our own music but immediately below is our first recording. The Lord Is My Shepherd is sung at Mary Immaculate Church by Iris & Janneke Ferwerda aged 17 and 15 years respectively. They both belong to the Australian Girls Choir and were recorded unaccompanied on the 28th June 2008.

All of the following recordings may be heard by clicking the "play" button (allow a little time to start the first time):

The Lord is My Shepherd - Iris & Janneke Ferwerda

Would you like to join us for future recordings?


The seven copyright free* external recordings below are quite different reflective items from a very large range of recorded works performed or played within our community.

 1. Lovely King (music freely provided by "A Church in Indianapolis" - more below)



 2. Immaculate Mary, sung by Gretchen Harris, California USA (this track freely provided by Gretchen with her best wishes to our Parish, from her album Sing of Mary)


  3. Jesus Remember Me (music freely provided by the Taize community France)


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  * N.B. The recordings on this site may be freely used within Church communities provided the Titles and Sources are acknowledged


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