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Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Parish History (2)

Early photographs of our Church buildings and grounds.

These celebrate the very strong sense of community and spirit of faith that lead to their creation

We acknowledge permission of The State Library of Victoria to publish the following two photographs (1962) from their collection by famous Australian photographer Wolfang Sievers (1913 - 2007), who specialised in architectural and industrial photography. They form part of his collection of impressive Melbourne buildings. Other Sievers photographs are published by the National Library of Australia.


 St Bernadette's Church, Wolfgang Sievers, 1962 (State Library of Victoria Collection)


We are grateful to the Heidelberg Historical Society(HHS)  for providing some of  the following photographs and associated text in support of our Parish History project. Details of the project are outlined below the photos. We would gratefully welcome anyone willing to let us borrow old photographs and reports on Parish life over the years.


Dramatic skies and building

St Bernadette's Church, Bond Street West Ivanhoe showing the front of this 1960s style, angular Church with round tower on the right.

Part of a Convent is shown at the far right.

(HHS Photo)












Immaculate Conception Church  in Upper Heidelberg Road, late '50s

(now Mary Immaculate)

















Amidst a busy trading area - but without a parking problem.




 Sepia image of Mary Immaculate Church in the process of being built. It shows a large building frame, with crane truck nearby, houses behind and a small hall or similar to the right. Notes with the photo indicated that the Church was opened in December 1962.

 (HHS Photo)



Who is this neatly dressed child?

Undated early photograph of the Mary Immaculate Presbytery (now Parish office), Upper heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe, cnr Waverly Ave. 

(HHS Photo)


 Mother of God Church, corner of Robin Hood Road and Wilfred Road, East Ivanhoe. Shows front of Church, a brick entrance hall with small windows. main body of Church shows above, with large windowed end topped with a cross. Photograph taken 1/4/1984



A Church fete being held in the grounds of st Bernadette's in November 1987. Shows people at canvas topped stalls, left, streamers.








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