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  Mary Mother of the Church

Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Plenary Council 2020/2021

"Listening to Christ

by listening to one another"
Video Update on Parish and School communities input to the 2020 Plenary
Thursday 6 December 2018
This 3 minute video provides a progress update and announces availability of Mary Mother of the Church Parish and school community responses  to the 2020 Plenary input Question 'A' (of A, B,C) "What does our church look like now" (Listening to one another). It also describes the next step in our Parish plenary preparation process. Video HERE
Parish and School communities "collected responses to Question ‘A’" - available for download below  Helping to Renew our Church via Inputs to the ‘2020 Plenary Council’
Thursday 6 December 2018
A compilation of captured answers from across our Parish and School communities to Question 'A'  "What does our Church look like now" has now been published (below). It's part of the process of "listening to God by listening to one another" and an important  step towards answering the even more important second Question 'B' "What is Christ calling us to make our Church today?", followed by the final question "What do we, as Church, need to do to move from A to B?".       From collected responses to these questions a summary will be submitted to the '2020 Plenary' agenda-setting process, and and also to Archbishop Peter Comensoli of Melbourne Archdiocese by Ash Wednesday 2019.  Responses so been  very helpful and honest, though received later than hoped. Time is running out, so responses to Question 'B' (and 'C' if possible at this stage) are now required by 23 December.  A video progress report will be presented at Masses this weekend.  The collection of  raw responses to Question A at this stage (for later summary after Questions  B&C responses are available)   is available     HERE.
  • Plenary Council 2020 Website HERE
  • Mary Mother of the Church Ivanhoe Launch Video (20 October 2018, 8 minutes)  describing our Parish process for providing Plenary Inputs
  • Information sheet on the Ivanhoe Parish process for providing inputs to the Plenary Council agenda-setting process   HERE
  • Guidelines for leaders of small, informal, 'listening and sharing' groups preparing inputs to the Plenary Council preparation process  Here
  • Plenary Council  Questions' hard-copy proforma for Parish use may be downloaded HERE
  • Plenary Council Questions for parish  ONLINE  submission  (if used):

A). "What does our Church look like now"   (listening to one other)                                                                                     ONLINE HERE
B). "What is Christ asking us to make our Church today?"   (listening to the Holy Spirit), and                                               ONLINE HERE
C). "What do we, as Church, need to do to move from A to B?"   (Listening must lead us to response and action)                   ONLINE HERE

  • Indexed background resources to assist those discerning and preparing inputs to the Plenary Council HERE. These augment and are are complementary to those on the Plenary Council website. NOTE: The Preface explains how this user-friendly set of resources may be easily used.
  • Enquiries on your Parish participation in the Plenary 2020 agenda setting process?   Fr Bill, or John Costa 0409 967 207 or email HERE