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  Mary Mother of the Church

Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Prayers of the Faithful


Dear friends, like John the Baptist we are called to declare God’s saving mercy for all. In hope and love let us pray for our world.




  • As we celebrate the feast day of Mary Immaculate church this week, we ask blessings on all who are involved in the refurbishing of the church and the building of our new parish centre. We pray that hospitality, one of our parish values, will guide us to use these new facilities with wisdom and generosity.  (PAUSE)   Lord hear us: R/


  • May the occurrence of a new strain of Covid raise our awareness that until all are vaccinated there is risk for everyone. We pray that adequate quantities of the vaccine will be made available and humanitarian workers will come forward to administer it to all who need it, especially in third world countries.   (PAUSE)   Lord hear us: R/


  • For emergency service personnel preparing for the summer fire season, that their dedicated care for the community and for nature will keep everyone safe. (PAUSE)   Lord hear us: R/


  • For all whose human rights are violated by dictatorial regimes, that they will achieve justice by peaceful means. (PAUSE)   Lord hear us: R/


  • For healing mercies for Dal Bellio, Maria Kontos, Jan Hoyle, Tony Ridolfi, Svetka Vukic, Trish van Lint, Concetta Valente, Harmony Kom-pan-ist, Eduarda Claudio, Ray Anderson, Maree Doherty and for all who continue to suffer physical, mental or financial distress from the COVID pandemic. (PAUSE)   Lord hear us: R/


  • For all who have died recently, all whose anniversary occurs at this time and departed family and friends especially, Hilda Hanna Nammour, Tess Easy, Virginio Sibillin, Fr. John Hepworth, Steve & Oswald Berthelot, Bonnie Ryan and Teresa Mercuri. May they reach the perfect goodness promised by the Day of Christ. (PAUSE)   Lord hear us:  R/





All-saving God, you called John the Baptist to proclaim the forgiveness of sin. Open our eyes and our hearts to your saving grace. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.