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  Mary Mother of the Church

Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Prayers Of The Faithful
23/24 March 2019


Dear friends, as God called Moses long ago on the holy mountain, so Jesus calls us now in this assembly. Let us turn and follow him, and unite our prayer with his.



  • For an understanding of the message in today’s Gospel that the misfortunes we encounter in our lives are not because of our sins but that we are called to produce good fruit which, God, in his patient mercy, will give us time to bring to fulfilment.     

(PAUSE)  God of mercy and compassion hear us:   Lord, hear our prayer


  • For the people of New Zealand, that they will support each other through this time of national grief and hold fast to shared values of peace and mutual respect.     

(PAUSE)  God of mercy and compassion hear us:   Lord, hear our prayer


  • For the Muslim communities of New Zealand and Australia, that our solidarity with them will reassure them of their welcome place in the life of the nation.  

(PAUSE)  God of mercy and compassion hear us:   Lord, hear our prayer


  • For blessings on all associated with the Islamic Museum, where we heard about this faith which guides the lives of so many fellow Australians. May what we learned enable us to both appreciate it more fully and to dispel misinformation.                                                                                                             (PAUSE)  God of mercy and compassion hear us:    Lord, hear our prayer 


  • For the people of the Solomon Islands, that our support for Project Compassion will enable Caritas Australia and its partners to improve access to reliable water and sanitation.

(PAUSE)  God of mercy and compassion hear us:    Lord, hear our prayer


  • For the sick and those in special need, especially Fr Burns Huggan, Julie Taylor, Martin Stenhouse, Tam Tran, Monique Simpson, Margaret Edwards, Esma & Peter Kelso, and Nazha Shamieh. May they know God’s healing love through those who care for them.

(PAUSE)  God of mercy and compassion hear us:   Lord, hear our prayer


  • For all who have died recently or whose anniversary occurs at this time; and for departed family and friends, especially Alberto Gomez, Anna Borromeo, Maria and Paul Montemurro, Gildo and Armida Pascolo. May they come to see God face to face.   

(PAUSE)  God of mercy and compassion hear us:    Lord, hear our prayer




Holy and all-powerful God, you called Moses to lead your people to the promised land and sent your Son to deliver the human race from sin and death. Keep us true to the freedom he won for us. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

3rd Sunday of Lent
"...serious questions raised in today's readings for
would-be followers of Jesus
to wrestle with along the way"
- Edited extract from
Break Open The Word
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