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  Mary Mother of the Church

Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Prayers Of The Faithful
24th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Dear friends, Jesus’ meals were always meals of mercy. Gathered in Jesus’ company at this holy meal, let us place our troubled world in God’s merciful hands.



  • On this Social Services Sunday, we pray for those endeavouring to find real, practical and sustainable solutions to current social disadvantage.  

(PAUSE)  Lord hear us:  Lord, hear our prayer


  • For the priests of our Archdiocese in conference this week. In their time together, may they be open to learning, to sharing and to encouraging each other as they, with their people, move towards the 2020 Plenary Council.     

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  • For all who commit themselves to be agents of reconciliation around the world. May they succeed in defusing old enmities and healing old wounds. 

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  • For rural communities and towns confronted by the loss of their water supplies and the ever present threat of bush fires. May they face these crises together with resilience and a neighbourly spirit. 

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  • For the citizens of Hong Kong and all who long for civic freedom and peace. We pray that they will be specially encouraged by this week’s United Nations’ observances for democracy and peace.

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  • For the sick and those in special need, especially Ruth Villani, Jillian Champness, Margaret Edwards, Josephine Lee and Fr. Peter Treloar: May they know God’s healing love through those who care for them.

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  • For all who have died recently, those whose anniversary occurs at this time, and for departed family and friends, especially Brother Bill Dillon, Fr. Jim Feenan, Fr. Burns Huggan, Domenico Galano, Jamie Bernhardt and Peter Fleming: May they join Mary and all the saints in praising God forever.

(PAUSE)  Lord hear us:   Lord, hear our prayer



Heavenly Father, your mercy knows no bounds. Keep us true to you, but when we fail, send your Son to seek us out and call us home. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

"There is rejoicing among
the angels of God
over one repentant sinner"
- Luke 15:1-10
Image: Flickr