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Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Prayers Of The Faithful
26th Sunday in Ordinary Time  @home    26/27 September 2020

Prayers of the Faithful

Prayers of the Faithful

In our minds we are to be the same as Christ Jesus, who emptied himself even to death on the cross. Let us be united with him in prayer for the whole of humanity.

  • For all migrants and refugees who, like Jesus, have been forced to flee, that the nations of the world will work together to give them safety and shelter. Lord hear us: R/

  • For the many in our midst whose mental health is under great stress, that the support of family, friends and professional services will lead them to peace of mind. Lord hear us: R/

  • For the citizens of countries with oppressive regimes, that the courage of peaceful demonstrators will help create a new era of justice, freedom and solidarity. Lord hear us: R/

  • For the world-wide Jewish community, that this week’s holy days will deepen their faith in God’s enduring covenant and inspire them to be a light for justice and peace. Lord hear us: R/

  • For Bernie & Elaine Jowett celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary: Together with their family may they be filled with every joy and blessing. Lord hear us: R/

  • For healing mercies for the sick and those in need especially, Maria Basilone, John O’Brien, Peter Butler, Rebecca Bolden, Jillian Champness, Martin Stenhouse, Maree Nunan, Silvana De Iulio, Carmel Garonzi, Cliff Alldis, Jennifer & Xavier O’Neil. For health workers and administrators in places overwhelmed by the spread of the coronavirus, that they receive all the support and resources they need. Lord hear us: R/

  • For all who have died recently, all whose anniversary occurs at this time and departed family and friends, especially Lorna Crough, Irene Rogan and Jean Jenner: May they share in the glory of Christ for ever. Lord hear us: R/

  • In union with the prayers of Mary, Mother of the Church, and all the Saints, we offer the prayers and intentions that rest upon our own hearts….. Lord hear us:  R/

Holy God, you raised your Son from the shame of the cross to the glory of heaven. Raise us, we pray, from the shame of sin to the glory of love. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.