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  Mary Mother of the Church

Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Prayers of the Faithful


Dear friends, Jesus calls his followers to be servants of all. In that spirit let us pray for the needs of the world.



  • For leaders in every sphere of public life, that they will put their power at the service of the common good. Lord hear us: R/


  • For Catholic Social Services Victoria, together with its members, may we aim to promote a fair, just and equitable society where all people have the opportunity to prosper and flourish – acknowledging that charity and justice go hand in hand. Lord hear us: R/


  • For the unsung heroes of the COVID pandemic, that their daily work of civic service will earn the gratitude of the whole community. Lord hear us: R/


  • For our parish community, that even while separated from the Eucharist and each other, we will remain faithful in prayer and humble service to friend, neighbour and stranger. Lord hear us: R/


  • For all earth’s peoples, that they will embrace the eco-conversion called for by Pope Francis for the life of the planet. Lord hear us: R/


  • For healing mercies for Dal Bellio, Hong Zhou, Maria Kontos, Jan Hoyle, Tony Ridolfi, Svetka Vukic and Teresa O’Donnell; and for all who are suffering physical, mental or financial distress from the COVID pandemic. Lord hear us: R/


  • For all who have died recently, all whose anniversary occurs at this time and departed family and friends especially, Alf Hancock, Andi Rezkita, Alain Bozelle, Alfio Nibali, Alberico and Vincenza Calvisi: May they be led to the glory of the Risen Lord. Lord hear us:  R/



Holy God, your Son Jesus showed us the way of servanthood. Deliver us from ambition and confirm us in humble service. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.