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  Mary Mother of the Church

Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Prayers Of The Faithful

Blinded by grief, Jesus’ disciples failed to believe he had risen. As we face fearful times, let us put our trust in the power of God’s love and ask for all we need.For  the   whole  human   race:

May   the   world emerge from this crisis with a new commitment to  justice,  peace  and  global  solidarity.  Risen Lord, hear us. R.Lord hear our prayer.

For  Christian  believers  around  the  world:May their faith in Christ and their outreach to others foster    kindness    and    compassion    in    their neighbourhoods. Risen Lord, hear us. R.

For all affected by the global coronavirus crisis:Those who have died and their grieving families, those  who  are  fighting  for  their  lives,  those whose age or health condition puts them at risk.May  the  Spirit  of  mercy  bring  them  comfort. Risen Lord, hear us. R.

For politicalleaders  and  their  advisers  making difficult  decisions,  frontline  healthcare  workers directly exposed to the virus, those maintaining essential   services:   May   the   Spirit   of   service inspire themand us. Risen Lord, hear us. R.

For  people  trapped  in  places  of  armed  combat or terrorism, prisoners, detainees  and  refugees in   crowded   camps,   the   citizens   of poorly resourced countries: May the Spirit of hope give them courage. Risen Lord, hear us. R.For    all    who    have    lost    jobs,    homes    and livelihoods,  people  with  serious  mental  health issues,   those   at   increased   risk   of   domestic violence:   May   the   Spirit   of   lovegive   them strength. Risen Lord, hear us. R.

For those unable to visit their sick or dying loved ones,  temporary  residents  and  asylum  seekers unable to access basic services: May the Spirit of peace sustain them. Risen Lord, hear us. R.

For the recently deceased, especially those who have  died  from  the  coronavirus  and  for  those whose  anniversary  of  death  occurs  around  this time. May they be  raised  with  Christ  to eternal life. Risen Lord, hear us. R.

Add your own prayers and intentions....
All-embracing  God,  you  dispel  the  darkness  of death  and  fill  the  world  with  love  and  life. Deliver us from fear and lead us to your Son, our risen Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen