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  Mary Mother of the Church

Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Prayers Of The Faithful
15th Sunday in Ordinary Time  @home   5 July 2020

Prayers of the Faithful

An abundance of God’s word has been sown in our hearts. Let it now bear a rich harvest of prayer for the whole of creation.

  • For all who sow the word of God as preachers, evangelisers and catechists. May their proclamation of the Gospel spread the peace and joy of Christ. Lord hear us: R/For parents and teachers. May the seeds of love and wisdom they sow in young children bear life-long fruit. Lord hear us:R/

  • For the earth, our common home. May we heed its cry of pain and fulfil our duty of care for the world that has been entrusted to us.  Lord hear us: R/

  • For those residents at the public housing tower blocks in Melbourne who are enduring a hard lockdown while authorities try to halt a cluster of coronavirus infections from spreading. May each one of these residents be treated with respect in regard to their inherent dignity. Lord hear us: R/

  • For those most disadvantaged by the economic downturn and those suffering physically, mentally and emotionally during this pandemic. May they receive support from government, community, family and friends. Lord hear us: R/

  • For healing mercies for the sick and those in need especially, Rebecca Bolden, Jillian Champness, Martin Stenhouse, Maree Nunan, Joseph Lau, Silvana De Iulio, Carmel Garonzi, Margaret Canty and for all who are suffering from the coronavirus or whose lives are severely impacted by it. Lord hear us: R/

  • For all who have died recently, all whose anniversary occurs at this time and departed family and friends especially Ron White, Pat Tropeano, Mario Piraino, Irma and Ettore Pertile, Frank Ryan and Kathleen Fitzgerald: May they enjoy the freedom and eternal glory of the children of God. Lord hear us:  R/

By your word, O God, you made all things, and by your word redeemed us. Hear our prayers and send us out to sow your seeds of love. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.