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Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Reflection Of The Week
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Connecting the Word

… the liturgy

To those who do not see with the eyes of faith, the words and actions of the liturgy may seem rather strange. However, it is a bit like the first parable in today's gospel where a tiny seed is planted that has the potential to grow without our knowing how. The response is not to attempt to explain the mysteries of faith through theological expositions, analytical exegesis or catechesis. Rather, we are challenged to live our faith such that others may be drawn in. Like the parables of Jesus, the liturgy and the sacraments cannot be encapsulated with simple explanations or rote-learnt answers. The temptation to over-explain the liturgical action must be resisted; instead, we should strive to nurture the seeds of faith by celebrating the liturgy well and by actively living our faith.

… culture

In today's world, we often dismiss the people and the things which we consider to be too small, too insignificant or too powerless on the grounds that their contribution could not possibly be useful. Yet this gospel reminds us that all people, no matter how 'small' they may seem, possess the ability to accomplish greatness. The mustard seed faith which Jesus describes, encourages us to recognise and celebrate the unique spark that exists within every human being, allowing each person to play a part in the building up of God's kingdom.