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World Youth Day "Days in the Dioceses" Page 2

Morning of Friday 11 July 2008 - Aboriginal tour of Darebin Park

In a very appropriate build-up to the WYD Commissioning Mass on Friday evening, during that same morning Ivanhoe Pilgrims and Parish friends took part in and were were moved by the experience of an aboriginal tour of Darebin Park by Troy Blow and family. Troy is a member of the Yorta Yorta tribe of this Wurundjuri land and was assisted by others from the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry. We acknowledged the traditional owners, elders and ancestors of the beautiful land of Darebin Park.

The Tour took us all on a physical and spiritual journey, as visualised below. In effect it was also to do with ecology and the environment. What can not be adequately captured here are the silent moments in touch with the aboriginal spirit of the park, the didgeridoo music, and the feelings all this generated.






Korean and French friends

                                                                                                                                With our flag of Corsica






                                                                                                                                                            In this peaceful Park with the rain holding off at the start, and the sun shining, the aboriginal Our Father (Bunjil) was recited by all, followed by didgeridoo music from Troy



















And now the journey begins. You will need a ticket - a leaf plucked from a tree or the ground, to be used later. 



















But first let us each select our own rock to sit on in, while listening to the didgeridoo, then contemplate one bad thing in our life - and one good thing.






Is this really still Ivanhoe? 


                                                                                                                      Thanks for the rain - and the umbrellas!         

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