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Catholic Parish Ivanhoe

Young Peoples' Group 2011

 Parish Youth Group

After 5 years of existence already the Youth Group was re-structured on Sunday evening 29 May 2011, and whilst still under-development its new simpler form, now comprises a smaller number of members from the original Group, plus a new member. All Parish Youth are welcome to participate, but now first need to formally join. Group activities are planned by members in conjunction with Youth Leaders and the Committee and may not always be published on this website, but more on our Facebook site. Members will now play a greater role in organising their own activities. A special youth-compatible network for members only is being established for communication with and between members. The future of this re-structured Group will depend more on the direct involvement of its members and Youth Leaders and, if its is to continue, the number of members. 

The most recent Youth Group 'event' was a Karaoke & Future Planning event on 26 June 2011(see photos below)

Membership enquiries or applications  may be made via or the Parish Office.
The YPG is also on Facebook !



What is it?        Youth Leaders?          Recent events?


What is it and how did the Young Peoples's Group begin?

There have been various youth groups in the Parish over past years, mostly for those around 18 y.o and over. The most famous of these at the time was "Antioch", which still exists in a limited form in some parishes.  

The Catholic Parish of Ivanhoe Young Peoples' Group (YPG) was set up in 2007 to offer social opportunities and support for young people once they leave our three Primary Schools. We had previously neglected this age group at a very important time in their lives. The Group initially comprised Year 6 students after their Confirmation, but progressively grew over subsequent years to include students in Years 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and in 2011 also Year 11.
Because of this growth we split into Senior and junior groups in 2010, and doubled our Youth Leaders to four. Activities have been mostly determined by the members themselves. We have also acquired some great facilities, including multimedia, billiards/snooker and (shortly) table tennis, and have access to much more. The Group is strongly supported by the Parish, and in Year 6 by the Schools.

The group is mostly a fun social group, built on our shared Christian faith. It's also an opportunity to share and explore ideas and thoughts. Activities are many and varied (see above and below) and also provide opportunities for open discussion on issues relevant to our members. We have had two very successful youth Masses each year, and excellent Youth Leaders. The new, smaller, Group format is currently still under development, and in future will depend more on the members themselves.

YPG - Youth Leaders

The Parish now endeavours to focus actively on young people and is strongly supported by the Parish Leadership Team and Parish Priest/Administrator. From the start it was also supported by parish Catechist Classes, and by our three Primary Schools. During all that time it has been Convened by John Costa and has appointment a number of part-time Youth Leaders - Tom Stammers, Ellie McGarvie,  Alison Rogers, Annette Giang, Daniel Lancefield and (just recently) Fiona Paros.  Previously Tom Stammers was a Youth leader for five years and Elly McGarvie for four years. Annette Giang left last year to join the Archdiocese NET Team. Alison retired at the end of June 2011 after two years. We now have Dan & Fiona, who introduce themselves below:                    


 Hi, I'm Dan Lancefield. Once upon a time I was a student at MOG. Then I left being a student and became a teacher. I did a few things in between like studying at uni twice and going overseas to do some archaeological fieldwork. I really love teaching because I get to help young people achieve their best. Outside of that, I love to read anything about history and I always take my iPod wherever I go. I can't live without a soundtrack. I've been a big fan of video games going way back and I also really enjoy going to the gym. I guess that's a short version of me.



 Hi there, I’m Fiona and I’m one of those people that are into lots of random things. I’ve had many different jobs (from being a computer analyst at a big city firm to a high school teacher, and now I sell make up) and I’m into lots of different activities, like roller skating, dancing and going for really long walks with my dog, Bella. I watch lots of TV shows on DVD and I like funny sitcoms the most. I’m pretty sure that there will always be something that I have in common with anyone that I meet. And on that note, I look forward to meeting you!


 Planning Committee

After much consultation, encouragement by then Parish priest Fr John Cunningham and the Parish Leadership Team the Group was established in 2007 by parish father (not Fr) John Costa who Convenes the Planning Committee. The Committee also includes Youth Leaders, another parent representative (when we can find one - please offer to work with us), our new Parish Administrator (Fr Thang) who actively supports the Group, and now one or more youth representative as well.


Most recent activity
This was a shared-dinner, Karaoke & Future Planning night on Sunday 26 June 2011

Some future events that proposed that night include:

1. City Day
2. Bring a Friend Day
3. Ice Skating
4. Rock Climbing (probably at Nunawading climbing centre)
5. Another Film and byo dinner-to-share night

You are welcome to email suggestions for future events, and invited to help run them as well.

Some photos from this evening's event



 I'm outa here!



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